Welcome to hotel Sempachersee

Time spent here is time well spent.
Your castle for the week.
The hotel is close to, but not at the golf course.
Transfer will be provided the whole day via shuttle.
This is also where the price giving ceremony takes place.

twin room – 975 CHF   single room – 1295 CHF   non-playing partner – 645 CHF

Event prices per person

Hotel Sempachersee Entrance

Hotel Sempachersee.

Your home away from home

Welcome to our hotel where comfort and relaxation embraces social awkwardness with open arms. We are all friends here.
Also, what goes on the road stays on the road.

Onda Bar Hotel Sempachersee

We rejuvenate in the hotel bar.

Smart and polished. Just like you.

After a day full of best efforts and random outcomes, what’s better than being pampered in a posh hotel? Every drink is basically a nightcap, so you’ll sleep like a baby.

Yes. The rooms are nice too.
With duvets fluffier than clouds and space to move, these room will return you to your best in no time at all.
Even if that’s not saying much.

The familiar ECGC schedule
that you know, and are trying to love.

Day 1
Meet & greet

Arrival day (see FAQ).
You’re feeling good.
Still at the top of the leaderboard.
You’re about to feel better: time for friends and drinks!

Day 2

This is the day where you confirm that all the training you put in didn’t lead to anything good.
Well, at least we are all in the same boat.

Day 3
Moving day

If you want to make a move, today is a great choice.
Or tomorrow. One of those.
They are the only two competition days you can choose from.

Day 4

So, it wasn’t about
winning after all?
Let’s celebrate those who played well, they deserve it!
Do not worry, we’re confident you’ll get them at the bar

So. Golf.
As in Rolex World’s top 1000,
European Challenge Tour
golf courses.

Golf Club Sempachersee Woodside

Challenge tour fun

Course One: Woodside

Woodside is a par 72-course that—setup in its championship configuration—measures 6.637m, which makes it the longest course in Switzerland.
Woodside has been a recurring venue on the European Challenge Tour since 2010.
And hey, if you shoot a 61 or better—tell everyone, it’s new record!

Official info
Golf Club Sempachersee Lakeside

Demanding greens

Course Two: Lakeside

Lakeside is a par 70-course that follows the natural rhythm of the gentle slopes over its 5.591m with a majestic, panoramic view of the Alps and Lake Sempach.
Technically demanding greens and the impressive backdrop guarantee golfing fun at the highest level.
Feeling frustrated? Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy the view!

Official Info