Join the finest groupof golfers the world ever saw, by signing up for ECGC 2024

Register for ECGC 2024 like the boss your mama always said you were. The event takes place from May 13th to May 17th, 2024, at Golf Club Sempachersee.


Switzerland welcomes you

Registrations are open

Registering for ECGC 2024 is simple.

We only ask for the information needed to communicate effectively with the golf club and the hotel.

We hope this makes the registration process quick and painless.

Looking forward to taking your money. 💸
With ❤️ , the Team.


These are the prices for ECGC 2024.

Per person in twin room: 975 CHF
Per person in single room: 1295 CHF

Non-playing partner in twin room
pays: 645 CHF

For the love of all that’s good — stick to this timeline

Time is ticking

Important timeline

Please help us help you by paying attention to this important timeline.

These dates and actions are important for us to deliver the best possible event in May 2024.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything we have already communicated clearly but you still don’t understand. We are here to repeat ourselves after all. 😇

No, seriously, use the following email for general questions:

Send registration by September

Chop-chop! Act confidently and decisively! Make sure you have sent your team registration before the end of September 2023. This means you only have one week after you get back from La Manga!

Make a first payment of 50% of the total by end of October

Let’s be honest: we need your money more than you do. Pay early and tell the world that you did. There is no shame in taking pride in doing at least one thing in your life right. Check out our FAQ for tips on sending money between countries with low fees.

Make second payment and balance the bill by end of February

We really appreciated that first payment. But you knew this was coming: the last chance to settle the bill is at the end of February 2024.

We will have gathered and confirmed final player details by end of March

By the end of March, our communications department will have confirmed all the player details we need for the tournament. If you are a captain of a team that might need a few changes here and there, make an effort to finalize details before the end of March 2024.

register like a boss

Follow these steps to register your team for ECGC 2024

There’s no time like the present.Follow these easy steps to register a team for ECGC 2024 in Switzerland.The initial registration covers all the basics and lets us advise the hotel and golf club properly.And hey, it’s so easy, even an ECGC Captain can do it 🙌🏻

Team Name + ATC unit

We need a unique team name with each registration and we ask you to say what ATC unit you are defacing. 🤦🏼‍♂️
No need to reinvent the wheel here. Stick with what you have used before.

Team Captain

Each team needs a designated Captain.
Strong leadership, great coaching abilities, a beautiful swing, and a low handicap—these are all unnecessary qualities. You simply need to volunteer your name and email.

Number of Players & Guests

We differentiate between players and guests. If you are part of the ECGC competition and a team member in one of the official teams, then you are a Player. If you just tag along for the experience, then you are a Guest.

Room distribution

The captain checks with his team members and guests how many twin (two beds) and single (one bed) rooms are needed and then enters this in the form below.


The golden rule here is: check twice and submit once.
When we have recieved your entry, we will contact each captain personally and request further details such as: HCP, T-Shirt size, Sock size, trolley needs, extra nights, and so on separately.
Your patience is, if not rewarded, at least expected.