Funny story: the Club House is so new it almost doesn’t exist.

Brand new club house

Restaurant. Bar. Livingroom.

If at all possible we would like to have you believe that we demanded that Golf Club Sempach had to build a brand new clubhouse—just for you—and they really did! It’s not like 1000% complete, but we’re pretty confident when we say: you will most likely be able to use the restrooms!
All kidding aside: it’s brand new and it will be amazing. It already is!

Scenic view of the Alps

Start learning the names of the local Alps peaks. There’s nothing quite like listening to old farts mansplaining common knowledge to everyone who will listen. You don’t want to be outsmarted at this game!

Lounging and snacking

The Club House offers generous space for everyone to find a table to eat at or have a beer or two with friends while the nerves finally come to rest. We will spend Tuesday evening together here!

Aaaaaalmost complete

While the two golf courses and the clubhouse itself will be in beautiful condition, there will still be some construction going on on the premises. A new performance center is being built! The construction work does not influence our event.

Go green

The solutions to all your coming problems.

Drive for show and putt for dough. A long time ago we prepared this mandatory green reading material for the Swiss team. We intended to keep it to ourselves.
In a gesture of boundless kindness, we are letting you gaze upon the challenges that await you. 

Take a minute to look at the official Birdie Books with lots of tips and tricks:

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Instant answers


This isn’t our first rodeo cowboy, and judging by the way you look, you’ve been dragged around the bush a few times too. 
We’ve compiled a few answers to questions we know you have.

Send us a question

Well, since you’ve probably already reached your daily step goal by sig-saging all over the course, you’ll want to take the bus. We do offer shuttle service, but the turn around time is likely over 1h.
We will have additional transportation for emergencies.

You bet. The club house offers ample space to find a nice table with a view for those looking to grab a bite. Seating is available both inside and out. The restaurant has large windows so that you can take pleasure watching your friends fail on the close-by tees and greens.

Mm-hmm. Sure. This is one of those question where I’d typically say: I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill ya’.
I’ll just tell you the price, and I’m sure that will do the trick: depending on size, beer prices range from around 5.50 CHF to 8.80 CHF.

Yep! All clubs and trolleys that have been paid for up front can be locked away overnight in a large caddie room that just belongs to us for the week. The idea is that every team leaves their gear at the golf club.

Not only is it possible, it’s highly recommended! At least on Tuesday where we’ll have an evening event at the golf club. Consider bringing what you need from the hotel already in the morning so that you don’t have to waste time going back and forth!

Come now. Of course! The course is beautifully situated and surrounded by bike paths and such. If you’re ”in between other plans” we’re sure you can spend a day enjoying nature around the course, or just chill with coffee and a book (or computer) enjoying the view from the terrace.

As you know, the tournament greenfees are already paid. Those of you playing an extra round have also paid for that upfront.
What remains are any costs for push-trollies and buggies. The buggies are primarily for golfers whose medical condition prevents them from walking.

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Championship fun

Woodside is a par 72-course that—set in its championship configuration—measures 6.637m, which makes it the longest course in Switzerland.
Woodside has been a recurring venue on the European Challenge Tour since 2010.
And hey, if you shoot a 61 or better—tell everyone, it’s a new record!

Woodside course Info
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Pure Panoramas

Lakeside is a par 70-course that follows the natural rhythm of the gentle slopes over its 5.591m with a majestic, panoramic view of the Alps and Lake Sempach.
Technically demanding greens and the impressive backdrop guarantee golfing fun at the highest level.
Feeling frustrated? Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy the view!

Lakeside course Info