ECGC 2024 has finished

We have said our goodbyes and hope that you all arrived home safely. We extend our heartfelt 'thank you’ to all who came to Switzerland and contributed to a great event. 🙏🏻

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Use this link to add photos to our Google photos album, or check out photos that have been shared by friends! Then again, can someone who photographs your swing really be called a friend?

ECGC 2024 final results

The final results

Use the buttons below to load the corresponding result lists as a .pdf in a new tab.


Total rounds played our two championship courses.


Rounds played better than the player’s handicap.


Best recorded Gross Score. Once on each course.


Best noted Net score, which was played once.

Shuttle time table to airport

Hotel to Airport shuttle 17. May

These are the Shuttle times for people returning home via Zürich Airport, or as we like to say: LSZH. Similar to before, we have smaller transports and a large bus depending on the number of people leaving at that time.

Depending on the number of people arriving at what time, we make the best use we can out of our large coach and our mini-bus.
The large bus is driven by a professional driver, while the mini-bus is driven by an enthusiastic driver*, who volunteered (rather than being selected, per se).
Simon says he splits his time between driving and golfing and claims he does both equally well. Some day soon, once the training kicks in, he aims to break 90.

*= Simon is a licensed taxi driver, including busses with over 8 people. For both left and right driving. Renewd yearly. 🤭

Mini-Bus adventurers

May 17

James Hipperson
Michele Mastrodonato
Enrico Lucini
Luis Felipe Díaz Nobile
Roberta Aleksandra Betti Albiero Brink
Rafael Menéndez Fernández
Alejandro Riera Erasmo



Patrick Harte

The lucky ones

May 17

Michael O'Doherty
Shane Mckee
Ian Forster
Fiona McAllister
Michael Sheridan
Monica Eriksson
Ann-Louise Nielsen
Ewy Schodin
Eva Baldursdóttir
Thora Halldorsdottir
Gavin Williams
Simon Hogg
Graham Foulkes
Kevin McMahon
Veronica McMahon
Sonia Avogadro
Adam Rose
Stuart McBride
Douglas Alexander
Phil McGhee
Steve Blake
Eugene Cairns
Andy Jepson
Annette Toal
Ian Kemp
Neil Jones
Craig Hughes
Barry Michael
Thomas Ashcroft
Maria Sköldborg
Carin Ählström
Michael Engram
James Martin
Andrew Hogg
Per Lasse Bakken
Jens Mikkelsen
Terje Sollie
Cecilia Hessel
Eva Ronnberg
Tom Snorre Skaret
Vetle Rydmark
Peter Fleischer Hauff
Torbjørn Bjarmann
Jeanette Ultege
Derek McDade
Luis Miguel Esteban
Manuel Bustillo Gandarillas


Proper Bus

Pro Driver

Mini-Bus adventurers

May 17

Barry Keane
Tom Saunders
Joe Talbot



Simon Spiri

The lucky ones

May 17

Johann Gestur Johannsson
Svava Tyrfingsdottir
Andy Morrison
Alex Tack
Michael Boden
Alessandro Andreotti
Claudio Cannavicci
Stefano Podda
Roberto Ghidini
Massimo Vitelli
César Campos Menor
Alejandro Regidor García
Juan Luis Sánchez-Vegazo Garcia


Proper Bus

Pro Driver

We are missing some details from a handful of people. We will integrate them as soon as we know where the best fit in.

Unrelated news

Scottie Scheffler wins Masters

The easy-going, wild-swinging Texan Scottie Scheffler simply refuses to lose, and manages to snatch his second Masters title.
But more importantly, so claims our webmaster, Ludvig Åberg shows that he has got what it takes to make it on the big stage. Only a year ago he was a college golfer going by the nickname ”Barbie Ken” and now he finished second in his first Masters, which also was his major debut. Way to go Ken! 

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 Updates and News

When the site updates, you’ll find a summary of the changes here.

 What’s new on the site?

The site was updated last on Mon, May 13th.

  • Added links to tournament tee times on the teetimes page.

Earlier updates: Sun, May 12th.

  • Implemented quick scroll buttons on the teetime page. Added picket phone number on the top of this page.

    Details about shuttle times from the hotel to golf course added on the Teetimes page. Breakfast time from 06:15 added to the Hotel page.

    Shuttle times from the Airport to Hotel have been published!

    Updated suggestion for non-playing guests on the front page. They can take part in a guided tour around Lucerne with a professional guide, as well as with members of the Swiss team.

    Major redesign to prepare for the Event. The first two days of teetimes have been published. Additional information about Event Flow, Hotel, and Golf Club.

    Updated list of teams (removed London App 2)

  • The price for Monday's extra round (125 CHF) was added.

  • Player and detail forms have been added. Please follow the links on the Start page.

  • Team Iceland was added. Total teams 43 and total  countries 14. Nice!  🙌🏻

  • This FAQ item was added, which lets you quickly check what has changed on the site and where.

  • The front page was rebuilt to show registered teams.

  • The registration form is still available at the bottom of the front page.

 How can we pay with low fees?

We suggest using a service like Wise to send money between countries with low fees. You can most likely save enough to make it worth it by signing up. The link above leads to a UK version, but just click the flag icon on the top right to change to your local region for prices and setup instructions.

 When was it again?

The event takes place from May 13th (Monday arrival day) through May 17th (Friday after the banquette). In the Chinese year of the duffed wedge: 2024.

Please explain the package again, like I’m an 8-year-old….

Welcome party at the golf club on Monday evening.
Accommodation for 4 nights in the hotel, based on double occupancy and breakfast is included.
3 rounds of golf, halfway house included.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, there is an incoming snack included consisting of a drink and a small bite.
A shuttle between the hotel and the golf course is included all day long.
On Thursday evening, we have the normal price-giving ceremony and dinner.

Can extra nights or extra golf rounds be booked in advance?

The local organizing committee is looking into possible deals for those who like to come early or leave late.
If you want to play an additional warm-up round on arrival day, we ask you to contact the organizing committee and not the club directly.
We will keep updating the home page with any new information as soon as it is available.

Are transfers to and from the airport included in the package price?

No. At this time transfer for everyone is not a part of the package.
The event takes place relatively centrally in Europe and is within driving-adventure distance for many teams.
The organizing committee will provide transfers directly between the airport and the hotel, at an additional cost. The price and time table is still being worked on, so we need to get back to you on that.
Also: the public transportation network is excellent in Switzerland and offers many options for those of you who want to handle the transfer yourself.

Will ECGC 2024 really be held in Switzerland?

Since you voted for us—you bet! 🎉

About that. What about the food?
I’ve heard things and I have a trained palette...

Is it true that Swiss people only eat cheese—more accurately ”Schwiitzer schtinke Chääs”?
Not at all. While fondue traditionally contains up to 98% traces of cheese, it’s not all cheese. You can for instance sprinkle some paprika powder on top.
And if you really don’t like fondue, you can always fall back to raclette. Admittedly, this is also mostly melted cheese, but it’s sort of grilled. And we don’t eat raclette until lunch, which—since farmers rise early—starts at 07:30.
Before that, we are serving ’müesli’ which was developed specifically for the metally ill, who eat like mice.
You’ll fit right in. En Guete!

So when will you launch the actual webpage and get rid of this crap?

We feel your pain. We are colluding to trick the webmaster (and truly, the word ”master” is used in its loosest meaning) into a dungeon, after which we will throw away the key.
Things will only get better at that point.