Breakfast for champions

Rise & Shine. And Eat.

Our hotel knows you want to optimise your carb intake and ingest some great, long-lasting fat energy for the struggles ahead. Breakfast is served already from 06:15!

Quick guide

Hotel Events overview

The hotel and golf club are close to each other, but not in the same place. We are providing a large bus to bring everyone to and from the golf club in a timely manner.
Shuttle times are tied to teetimes and we kindly ask you to respect the shuttle times you are given
A small backup crew is in place to handle emergency transfers, if necessary.

Home base

This is where you stay during the event and recharge your batteries after days full of fun. And full of walking. And full of looking for balls. And full of thinking: God, where is the bar?

Shuttle central

Enjoy a great, varied breakfast before hopping on the bus for a short shuttle to the golf course. Short by bus standard, long by walking standard. Be a good ECGC Playa and be on time!

Gin & frolic

If nothing else, men and women have this one thing in common: they instantly look more sophisticated with a drink in their hand. We have the perfect spot to share war stories!

Hotel Sempachersee Entrance

Hotel Sempachersee.

Your home away from home

Welcome to our hotel where comfort and relaxation embrace social awkwardness with open arms. We are all friends here.
Also, what goes on the road stays on the road.

Onda Bar Hotel Sempachersee

We rejuvenate in the hotel bar.

Smart and polished. Just like you.

After a day full of best efforts and random outcomes, what’s better than being pampered in a posh hotel? Every drink is basically a nightcap, so you’ll sleep like a baby.

Yes. The rooms are nice too.
With duvets fluffier than clouds and space to move, these room will return you to your best in no time.
Even if that’s not saying much.

Find your way

Hotel information

Here is some important hotel information that you might find useful. Any event-related questions or requests are best handled through us, so please contact us directly on
our Email Hotline if you have special needs.


Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee
Guido A. Zäch Strasse 2
6207 Nottwil LU